her Light

Originally posted to FetLife in 2017

Warm-hearted, loving and kind, she was a bright, shining light. Serving Him made her happy, and in her happiness, she blazed like the sun.

The days were long, filled with thoughts of Him and how to make His life easier. she busied herself with chores around His house; things she could do to make His life a little bit easier, a little bit better.

Every minute of each day, she did her best to be a good girl for Him, to make Him proud that she was His. she wasn’t perfect. she stumbled, often. Of course, she did. she tried harder, and kept trying. After all, she was human, and people made mistakes. They failed. Every last one of them did. But she picked herself up, shoulders squared, and worked harder to get it right the next time. For Him.

His love and approval meant everything to her. To sit at His feet and be cherished as His beautiful girl was all she ever wanted—to serve Him, to make Him happy through the use of her in any way He required. To see disappointment in His eyes, or hear disapproval in His voice crushed her.

Everything she did was with His needs, desires and passions in the forefront of her mind. she learned things she never imagined wanting or needing, because He desired them. And she learned to love them, crave them as much as she loved and craved Him.
she loved Him unwaveringly, every beat of her imperfect little heart… His.

He was the true north on her compass.
He was the keeper of her heart.
He was the guardian of her soul.
He was the lover of her flesh.
He was her Daddy, Sir, Master, friend, confidant.
He was her light.

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