Originally posted on Fetlife in 2017

See that pretty little girl? The one who ticks all Your boxes? The one You think could fill the void, be that someone to give You what You’re missing?

Don’t do it.

Leave her alone.

she deserves to be Your choice. Not Your option because the one who is Your choice won’t give You what You want or need. Not because You’re an option in their life, and not the choice You’ve made of them in Yours. Don’t make her an option. she deserves better.

she deserves to be loved and cherished for the wonderful woman she is. she doesn’t deserve to be punished for the actions of another. Direct Your anger and resentment at the person who caused You pain, not at the innocent woman You’re considering contacting. That pretty little girl isn’t Your personal emotional punching bag.

Do her the only favour You can. Don’t do that to her.

she isn’t a fill-in or a place holder. she’s a person with feelings and emotions, not a puppy or a blow-up doll. You want companionship while You wait for Your choice to pay attention to You? Get a pet. You want sex because Your choice won’t give You any? There are options for that too. You want an outlet to vent Your anger, frustration and “issues”? There are therapists for that kind of thing.

she doesn’t deserve to be any of those things. Not for You. Not for anyone.

That pretty little girl? Don’t mislead her with the promise of a relationship, of a future when You’re really just looking for an “option”. Be honest. Be upfront. she deserves that.

Don’t make her the vessel on which You exorcise Your demons. That just makes You selfish, and she doesn’t deserve that treatment.

she deserves to be more than just a convenience, a pet or a fuck-doll, there to serve You whenever the whim strikes. she deserves to be a choice. The choice. she deserves better than second place. she deserves better than runner-up.

And You? You don’t deserve her. Not one little bit.

she doesn’t need Your pretty promises filled with nothing. she doesn’t need Your half-assed attention. she doesn’t need Your meaningless words of affection. she doesn’t need to be Your revenge, Your response to a slight from someone else. she doesn’t need to be whatever petty, childish thing You think is entitled to You. she doesn’t need to be Your victim. she will survive You, but she shouldn’t have to survive You, or anyone.

she needs truth. she needs honesty. she needs respect. she needs the hope of a future. she needs to be loved, truly and honestly, for herself and not what she can do or be for You.

Let her find someone who is worthy of her. Let her find someone who will make her their choice. Not because they’re being denied something or other by someone else, but because they truly want her. Someone who will mean it when they talk about a future with her. Someone who will say “I love you” and mean it every time the words pass their lips. Someone who will treat her as she deserves, not as an option or a fill in.

So, before You send her that first message… Think about it, and don’t.

Don’t message her. Don’t look her way. Just don’t…

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