Know T/thyself


Who am i? Where do i fit? What is my role? Questions many of U/us ask as W/we journey through life, whether it be vanilla or kinky. The answer isn’t always an easy one. There are so many labels that W/we apply to O/ourselves. So many places W/we do or don’t fit. So many roles W/we can fit into. The choices, quite frankly, can be staggering thanks to the limitless variations out there.

Quite often O/others try to define U/us, to pigeon hole U/us into one role, one type of person. In reality, none of us fit into just one role, one type. W/we are unique creatures. There is no one box that can contain U/us. Not really.

i’ve been many things in my forty-three yeas on this planet. daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, girlfriend, and a number of other things. Many hats have adorned my little head. Among all of these, one remains the same… i’m ME.

Things i will never, ever be? Fake. Untrue. Disloyal. Dominant.

So… who am i then? i’m D. i’m a ray of motherfucking sunshine. i’m sweet, kind, loving, loyal and trustworthy. i’m a Unicornasaurus Rex, a sexy as fuck mermaid, and a fluffy little bunny. i’m a lover of books, cheesecake, bacon and coffee (the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods). i’m the best thing to ever happen to Y/you and the worst thing Y/you’ll ever lose.

i am, with 100% certainty, a slave-masochist-submissive-babygirl. How do i know this for certain? Because i’ve done the work. Years, months, weeks, days and many, many hours spent exploring, reflecting and pushing myself.


Will this change? Maybe. Probably not. Deep down, at the very core of who i am, that’s what describes ME best. At some point, i may be more submissive than slave, or more babygirl than masochist. But… i will always be me. No matter what. Which is awesome because, i love the person i am, and will continue to become. She’s pretty damn amazing.

The take away? Don’t let Y/yourself be pigeonholed. Be Y/you, in all of Y/your fabulous, freaky glory… and fuck the rest.

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