i wrote this a little over a year ago and came across it while perusing some of my writings. Given the time of year, it spoke to me. The holiday season can be super rough for those of U/us who don’t have friends, family or anyone with whom to spend the holidays. Depression and loneliness hit heavy, and are made worse when seeing all the happy friends, families and whatnot enjoying themselves.

And so, i give you this…

Sometimes, those we see as the strong, brave warriors are really the ones who need taken care of the most. We forget that they’re human, too.

Why? Because they’re the ones who rise every morning and do all of the things. Not because they want to, but because no one will do it for them.

Then, one day, that brave, strong warrior reaches a point where they can’t anymore. They just… Can’t. They lay down their weary heads, set down their battered swords, and they give up. They run the white flag of surrender up the pole… And no one notices.

Why? Because we’re so used to seeing them rise to the challenge, to forge ahead with a smile on their lips. Seeing them lay down in defeat doesn’t compute. So, we sit by and wait for them to get back up. To smile. To carry on.

We sit and wait while they slowly die a little more inside with each and every passing beat.

Please take the time this holiday season to reach out and check in on T/those in Y/your circle and let T/them know Y/you care. Invite T/them to spend time with Y/you. Even if it’s just an hour for a cup of coffee/tea. Trust me. It may just be the one thing that brightens an otherwise gloomy time of year for T/them.

As always, keep it kinky mes ami(e)s!

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